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Wine Cellar

“Our wine cellar comprises of deep rich tones in a state of constant fermentation

Our wine cellar, well stocked with prestigious wines form some of the best vineyards in Italy matured for years acquiring fully rounded body from small selected local producers who continue to pass on their years of experience to supply a product that distinguishes itself from the crowd, and which is evident in its bouquet and finish.

Today we can offer from around 400 select bottles, mainly from Italian producers, but that is not to say that we cannot also offer the most select wines from outside Italy too.  

The passion which Maria possess for wines allows her to offer the best options to complement every dish even by mixing various vintages.

Spirits are a well catered for with a select choice from Scottish distilleries, roundly scented rums, a strong collection of grappas from Argricoli Carabici, and to finish off with a variety of cognac and armagnac.

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