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Celiac disease

logo-negativoFood allergies and intolerances are on the rise. Now we all know someone who has to pay special attention to what he or she eats.

Celiac disease, an intolerance to gluten (a basic element of wheat, rye, oats, barley, kamut wheat, barley and other cereals and their derivatives), is one of the most common food-related intolerances.

What seems at first glance as a limitation, can transform itself into a creative stimulus.

Mauro, Chef of "Il Cortile", wanted to offer customers a with gluten intolerance menu that is correct from a dietary point of view but still stimulating both visually and to the palate, which has been thoroughly researched. Mauro regularly attends training courses and updates organized by AIC-(Italian Celiac Association) and he continues to work closely with them.

"The Courtyard" is listed in the marketing network authority for "Food away from home gluten free."

The Chef has quickly discovered that the challenge was not to cook simple pre-packaged tasteless and colourless products, but the preparation of tasty recipes that could be enjoyed for any given meal.
From the beginning we focused on food that does not discriminate against anyone, and that makes use of the permissible foods, turning them into the real stars of the table.

Our full attention is focused not only on cooking, based on the guidelines of alternative cuisine, but also in how to cook, we have reserved an area dedicated to the preparation of food for those with food intolerances, which do not come into contact with raw materials or tools which could affect the purity.

Please: let us know before you order and we will be at your disposal.

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